Friday, August 12, 2016

Kate Garner: Hear no Speak no See no Evil

Kate Garner: Hear no Speak no See no Evil
August 6 - September 30, 2016
Online Exhibition based on Garner's Kate Moss outtakes

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Varnish Fine Art is proud to partner with Kate Garner
with an online exhibition benefitting Elephant Haven sanctuary.
Kate Garner's Hear no Speak no See no Evil series is a collection of unique works incorporating her outtake photographs of the young Kate Moss during the pop-culture icon's first professional modelling session. Outsized highheels on the scantily-clad young woman holding a teddy bear highlight her youth without diminishing her strength and independent spirit. Each of the large-scale digital screenprints in the series were printed at Coriander Studio and uniquely embellished with glazes. Garner continues ongoing support for the cause of animal rights with a third of the proceeds of "Hear no Speak no See no Evil" at Varnish Fine Art donated to the Elephant Haven sanctuary -

Kate Garner organized an art auction in 2015 in London with other artists for Elephant Haven. Artists included Yoko Ono, Patti Smith, Russell Young, Paula Rego, Ronnie Wood, Peter Blake, Dan White, Patrick Hughes and more. Kate Garner's portraits and photomanipulations are the hyperbolic and colourful amalgam of an artist inspired by such muses as Kate Moss, Leigh Bowery, Pete Burns, Booby Tuesday. Garner found and championed a group of identity artists--people who use their bodies as walking, talking art installations--highlighting the Superheroic side of the IDentitist movement in The iDIOt: Contemporary Identity Artists solo exhibition of photographs at Varnish Fine Art in 2007 which was Garner's first gallery show in the United States.

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