Friday, February 17, 2012

Farewell to the Gorgons

Mind Spring featuring Chuck Sperry, Chris Shaw and Ron Donovan ends Saturday, so come by the gallery for a last look at the Gorgons, hand-pulled screenprints, and luminescent originals.  
You'll find Sperry in the Mission Sunday teaching an art class, and you'll never get better silkscreen instruction:

Jon-Paul Bail & Chuck Sperry present
an Art Course at the Free University

Sunday February 19th, 2012
The Free Uni­ver­sity of San Fran­cisco Art Class is every Sun­day from 2:30pm to 5:00pm (Feb­ru­ary 5th to March 4th) at Vira­cocha - 998 Valen­cia Street (at 21st Street), San Fran­cisco, CA.
The Free Uni­ver­sity of San Fran­cisco aims to make the high­est level of edu­ca­tion avail­able, com­pletely free, to any indi­vid­ual who wants it, regard­less of color, creed, age, gen­der, nation­al­ity, reli­gion or immi­gra­tion sta­tus — a uni­ver­sity free of money, taught for free. The only require­ment for mem­ber­ship is a desire to teach and/or a desire to learn.

Course Descrip­tion:

The Free Uni­ver­sity Art School is very proud to present Jon-Paul Bail (of Polit­i­cal Grid­lock) pro­lific Bay Area artist who uses the streets of the world as his can­vas. Since last year’s bril­liant pre­sen­ta­tion of street art com­plete with a wheat paste demon­stra­tion (video taken by yours truly) at the Free Uni­ver­sity, Jon-Paul Bail has been extremely active mak­ing a series of Hella Occupy posters for the Occupy move­ment across California.