Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A New Vision for Our Next Decade

Special Announcement:
A New Vision for Our Next Decade

We are making big changes to Varnish Fine Art in the coming months.  We will continue to sell art online and from our office while also adding new art services, but we are letting go of the gallery showroom.  “The Varnish Vault” is our final exhibition in the gallery.  Pop up exhibitions in alternate, larger venues are coming! 

This is just the beginning for us.  We’ve invested 10 years of our lives into our gallery, into the growth of our artists’ careers and the happiness of our clients.  The world is changing, and we are evolving.  The whole art ecosystem is transforming, and we’re convinced that there are new and better models for connecting artists and audiences.  “Disintermediation” is the buzzword and artists have many new tools at their disposal for marketing themselves and connecting directly to their audiences.  Galleries serve the needs of art collectors increasingly from remote locations.  We sold out our last scheduled exhibition almost entirely before it opened with a phone and computer, without seeing the collectors in person.

Brick and mortar, as any retail business owner knows, is expensive to maintain, and we have frankly been limited by the size of our new home.  Our collectors and sales have increased, but almost exclusively driven through online and remote sales, which has taught us something.  Online “exhibitions” sometimes work. Pop up models can take advantage of very large and unique venues for contextual art experiments.  These are concepts driving us forward into our next decade as art professionals.

This fall, Varnish will launch a print publishing business.  This is our first expansion of several while freeing ourselves from the permanent gallery showroom.  Rest assured however that we will maintain our offices at the current location, and continue to be your trusted art dealer.  Planning is underway for pop up exhibitions.  We are open and learning and will continue to try new things in stealth mode as we pioneer a new vision.  We welcome your feedback, impressions, and requests for how you’d like to see us transform along with the art world.

Sincerest wishes,

Jen and Kerri
Varnish Fine Art