Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Purchase works from the DEFENESTRATION Collection

Brian Goggin: DEFENESTRATIONMay 20 - July 31, 2014Purchase individual works from the DEFENESTRATION collection,
and preserve a piece of San Francisco art history.

The landmark SF installation Ended June 3rd, but the exhibition continues online through July 31st.

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The DEFENESTRATION installation of original sculpture by Brian Goggin transformed a San Francisco building into a renowned art site in 1997, and for seventeen years this installation remained. This multi-disciplinary sculptural mural involved seemingly animated furniture; tables, chairs, lamps, grandfather clocks, a refrigerator, and couches, their bodies bent like centipedes, fastened to the walls and window-sills, their insect-like legs seeming to grasp the surfaces. Against society’s expectations, these everyday objects flood out of windows like escapees, out onto available ledges, up and down the walls, onto the fire escapes and off the roof.

DEFENESTRATION was created by Brian Goggin with the help of over 100 volunteers, and individual works were restored four years ago with generous community support, including artwork donated by Banksy.
Defenestration has been a lively part of a creative public conversation with the world.
I am very pleased we were able to experience the installation for the last seventeen years especially when I originally thought it might last only six months, now I am happy the artworks may find new homes with collectors as part of it's migration from the hood.
 - Brian Goggin (May 20, 2014)

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