Monday, November 28, 2016

New Chris Mars Prints for the 2016 Holidays

New Chris Mars prints for the 2016 holidays!
Three new Chris Mars print editions have just been released, and we're very excited to present them to you. Each of the giclée prints on 100% archival cotton rag paper were lovingly produced by us at the Varnish Fine Art print shop and approved by Chris Mars.

Visit our online store soon to purchase these and other Chris Mars limited edition prints so we may ship them to you in time for the holidays.

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The Next Meal
24" x 28"
Edition of 7
"No feast is enough when one is left to fret The Next Meal." - Chris Mars

Chapter 31
18.5" x 23"
Edition of 10
"How lucky we are, that Halloween returns each year, and spirits earthbound or otherwise can roam free!" - Chris Mars

Train Dreams
15" x 18"
Edition of 10
Based on the novella by Denis Johnson
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