Thursday, September 29, 2011

Relaunched! (Part I)

Thank you so very much to all of our wonderful artists and friends who made it out to the party last Saturday night for our reopening/reception for Relaunch Part I.  A lot of love---and a lot of champagne---flowed throughout the night.  It was like a family reunion after our hiatus from the old digs.  Thomas and his staff aboard the TomKat Asian street food truck provided some seriously delicious food for the Relaunch Part I party.  Thank you TomKat!

The 21 artists in this first of two relaunch exhibits filled the gallery with a rich collection of paintings and drawings, and pulled out all the stops with fabulous new artwork.  We're incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so much talent.  We still have stars in our eyes.  We hope that everyone who came to the party will return for more leisurely chatting so we can catch up for more than the night allowed.This show is up until November 5th, so if you couldn't make it to the opening, there's still time to stop on by.

Special thanks to artist Dylan Sisson for lending us the Monster Photobooth.  We'll be uploading photos snapped by the booth on its very own Facebook page soon.  We also have his wonderful prints available on the Emporium section of our website, and at the gallery too.

Relaunch Part II follows the current exhibit with another large group show, but this time it'll be sculpture.  Please save the date for the reception:  Saturday November 12, 4-8pm.