Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Season Art News

The Varnish Vault:
Holiday Season Exhibition
We welcome you to join us this holiday season in celebration of art. The Varnish Vault features various media in a rich range of works from the deceased master sculptor Stanislav Szukalski to the contemporary pop icon painter Ron English in collaboration with Warhol's screen printer Alexander Henrici. Other featured artists include local celebrity tattooer and painter Mike Davis, social surrealist painter Chris Mars, and bronze sculptor and film industry character designer Jose Ismael Fernandez.

Image Shown at Left:
Ron English
Marilyn with Mickeys #61
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 22 inches

Artwork from this rotating exhibition may be shipped immediately upon purchase. Check back often for new artwork by additional artists. If you don't see what you're looking for, we will find it for you.

Featured artists:

Ron English
Chris Mars
Mike Davis
Ron Garrigues
Stanislav Szukalski
Jose Ismael Fernandez

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Now Showing:

Nicomi Nix Turner
We are very pleased to announce that Nicomi Nix Turner is now showing at Varnish. Take a look at her beautiful, detailed drawings on our website, or meet us at the gallery by appointment for a private viewing.

Nicomi is a featured artist in our upcoming exhibition at the LA Art Show in January 2014 along with artists Dan Quintana, Ransom & Mitchell, and Lucien Shapiro.

The pieces I create reflect subject matters pertaining to biological deconstructionism, nature’s legacy, alchemy, fables and counter-religious belief. In an orchestra of hyper-textured saturation, each piece is a cacophony of silent movement and erratic soliloquies. I work with a pencil in attempts to “paint” with the graphite, and with paper because of the unforgiving quality it possesses. - Nicomi Nix Turner

Image Shown at Right:
Nicomi Nix Turner
Under the Pressure of Layered Shadows
Graphite on Archival Paper
23 x 16.5 inches

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