Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Laurie Lipton "Bone China" Print Special Offer

'Tis the Season for Laurie Lipton's Bone China Print
Special Offer Now through Halloween!
Don't miss this chance to pick up our remaining limited edition Bone China prints by master artist Laurie Lipton.
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Bone China
Giclée Print on on Archival Paper
22" x 22"
Edition of 50
Signed by Laurie Lipton

Here is a picture of an elderly lady surrounded by chattering skeletons. Everything is decaying, except for the Twinkies and cupcakes on the table (which are made up of non biodegradable synthetic chemicals). This is not a morbid English tea fantasy, but an encroaching reality. I'm getting older--& the number of dead I know is growing exponentially. - Laurie Lipton

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