Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ed Hardy: Visionary Subversive coming this October

Ed Hardy: Visionary Subversive
Original works presented by Varnish Fine Art
at The Midway

Show Dates: October 5 to November 2, 2015
Artist Reception: Thursday October 297-11pm
Closing Party: Monday November 27-11pm

Contact us to be added to the preview list: q@varnishfineart.com or (415)433-4400

Ed Hardy: Visionary Subversive is a major exhibition of original art by one of the world’s most well-known culture icons.
Co-curated by Hardy’s assistant Trevor Ewald and presented by Varnish Fine Art at The Midway in San Francisco, this month-long art show includes Ed Hardy’s self-described “Automatic”, “Crazy Animal”, “Eyecon” and “Rose of No Man’s Land” paintings alongside the debut of his porcelain “Paños” inspired by jailhouse handkerchief art. With a half-century of fierce dedication as an artist, art historian and writer, Hardy seamlessly fuses disparate artistic elements to his own personal history, telling the story of his life in art.
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A Southern California native born in 1945, in 1967 Hardy completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute. In 2000, that school awarded him an honorary doctorate degree.

He began tattooing in 1966 and developed the fine art potential of the medium with emphasis on its Asian heritage, frequently studying and working in Japan. Hardy no longer tattoos but focuses on painting, printmaking, and porcelain. With his son Douglas, he still operates the San Francisco studio Tattoo City.

Hardy has curated several exhibitions in museum and nonprofit spaces as well as showing his own works. Since 1982 he and his wife, Francesca Passalacqua, have written and published over thirty books on alternative art under their Hardy Marks imprint. In 2003 his vintage tattoo designs became the basis of a successful international lifestyle brand, Ed Hardy. He and his wife divide their time between San Francisco and Honolulu.

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