Monday, February 1, 2016

Artwork Spotlight: Gallows Humor and The Eclipse

Artwork Spotlight:Nicomi Nix Turner
Gallows Humor & The Eclipse
Graphite on Archival Paper
28 x 18 in

The Gallows Humor is a linkage of the predator animal and the predatory hominid.
Bound to the creature, the skull or remains of the human is connected in this forced domestication. Through vegetation, decay and bone, there remains the bond of life & death.

- Nicomi Nix Turner

Nicomi Nix Turner was raised in Southern Oregon. The Pacific Northwest upbringing kindled an affinity for the botanical and entomological. Her hyper-detailed illustrations invoke a surreal understanding of the perfection in nature.

The pieces I create reflect subject matters pertaining to biological deconstructionism,
nature’s legacy, alchemy, fables and counter-religious belief. In an orchestra of hyper-textured saturation, each piece is a cacophony of silent movement and erratic soliloquies.
I work with a pencil in attempts to “paint” with the graphite, and with paper because of the unforgiving quality it possesses.

Upcoming events with Nicomi Nix Turner:
Art Lecture and Live Drawing at the Bone Room in Berkeley CA Feb 20th from 6-9pm
NY Art on Paper Fair - March 3rd-6th

More about the Artwork

16 Jessie Street, #C120, San Francisco, CA 94105 (415)433-4400